2015 Kawasaki NINJA 300

2015 Kawasaki NINJA 300


  • Condition: Used
  • Year: 2015
  • Make: Kawasaki
  • Model: NINJA 300
  • Category: Sportbike
  • Type: Motorcycle
  • Location: Salt Lake City, UT
  • Mileage: 3,395
  • Stock Number: 2919
  • Engine Size: 300 cc

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2015 Kawasaki NINJA 300

The well-respected and highly capable Kawasaki Ninja® 300 returns for 2015 with new colors, graphics and sporty tires. The lightweight sportbike also continues to offer the ideal entry point for novice riders, track-day enthusiasts, commuters and riders of all sizes.

Key Features

• ABS brakes increase rider confidence on the Ninja 300 ABS model

• Low 30.9″ seat height and tapered seat boosts confidence with easier reach to the ground

• 296cc liquid-cooled, parallel-twin engine design offers superior highway passing ability and acceleration compared to other single-cylinder lightweight sportbikes

• Digital Fuel Injection (DFI®) system uses dual 32mm throttle bodies to provide outstanding throttle response and superb fuel economy

• FCC clutch with Assist and Slipper functions provides excellent power handling capabilities and the Assist function provides a light lever feel. The Slipper function reduces the effect of back-torque to minimize wheel “hop” when downshifting

• Sportbike bodywork features an aggressive, edgy design with strong Ninja® family DNA that sets the Ninja 300 apart from its lightweight sportbike competitors

• High-tensile frame provides optimum rigidity for superior feel and agility compared to the competition

• Ten-spoke 17” sportbike wheels look great and are fitted with Dunlop TT900 GP sportbike tires for optimum handling

• Six-speed transmission features a roller-type shift drum for smooth actuation. It also has strong gears for maximum durability and a positive neutral finder makes it easy to find neutral when stopped

• Kawasaki Air Management System (KAMS) uses a special deflector to channel hot air from the back of the radiator, so it exits from the bottom of the motorcycle, instead of being blown onto the rider when the fan is activated

296cc Parallel-Twin Cylinder Engine

• Compact parallel-twin design offers good mass centralization for nimble handling

• Tuned to deliver smooth, step-free power with excellent mid-range and high-RPM power for effective highway performance

• Low-friction cam chain promotes maximum power and efficiency

• Moderate 10.6:1 compression ratio allows use of regular 87-octane unleaded gasoline and helps reduce operating temperatures

• High-tech pistons reduce reciprocating weight and feature a hard-anodized coating to minimize friction and boost performance

• Sleeveless “open-deck” die-cast aluminum cylinders minimize weight and feature a friction-reducing “T-treatment” plating

• Crank journal bearings are made from a strong alloy for maximum durability

• Large-volume oil pan features cooling fins and does not compromise ground clearance