About Us

About Right Side Up RV Sales 

Right Side Up RV Sales is your # 1 choice when purchasing a recreational vehicle in the Western States. We offer a great selection of clean RVs for an economical price. Founded in 1999, Right Side Up RV Sales has grown to be a very successful dealership for used RVs. Located in the Rocky Mountain West, our dealership is at the crossroad of I-80 and I-15 in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah. Virtually all RV enthusiasts, traveling in any direction through Salt Lake City, drive right by our dealership. Simply a right or left turn off a major exit takes you directly to our front door.

The growth of our company can be attributed to offering the highest quality product for the most economical price. Backed by a well-informed sales staff and service professionals, we are focused on developing long-term relationships with our customers, in order to earn their business for life.

The Rocky Mountain West is an area of incredible visual wealth and beauty and is populated by independent thinking people. Our goal is to build loyal customers who are “advocates” for Right Side Up RV, rather than mere customers. We feel our customers are not replaceable. We are also committed to providing a level of service so superior that our customer will feel confident in recommending us to friends and relatives.

The mission of Right Side Up RV Sales is to provide the motor coach customer with an exceptionally trusted environment in which to make their purchase. We want them to be sure in the knowledge that their salesperson and the company has the fulfillment of their wants, needs and dreams as their number one goal.


  1. Right Side Up RV will make the first 2 payments for your RV that you purchase from us
    1. We will write you a check in the amount equal to your first 2 months payments, You as the customer will still be responsible to make your first 2 payments with the Money Right Side Up RV gives you.
    2. Term of Loan must be at least a 10 Year loan and the Interest rate must not Exceed 7% OAC
    3. This offer will not apply to consignment units,
    4. This offer expires on July 31st 2019
    5. Customer must sign our disclaimer at time of purchase